Asset Infinity: A One Stop Shop for All Asset Management

CIO Vendor Factors such as increased asset of life, aging infrastructure, reduced maintenance and procurement costs, increased tracking ability of assets in an organization, and improved return on assets, are driving the growth of the enterprise asset management (EAM) market. Till recently, the Asset Management space in India still witnessed the rampant usage of Excel sheets in most of the organizations. All of this changed when business organizations started to proliferate exponentially, and administration scattered. Under this scenario, traditional technologies became redundant and made way for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). EAM soon started to record movements of assets, update locations and ownerships while controlling leakages and losses. Information soon became centralized thereby empowering remote locations with easy access to vital data and cutting costs. Yet, the watershed moment in EAM journey came when it became web and cloud-based. Trailblazing this initiative, Noida based Asset Infinity helped clients with Cloud-based Asset Management. The mission is to manage anything and everything that one owns. Asset Infinity strategically equips its customers with powerful tracking solutions, be it barcoding of assets or just regular maintenance.

Digital management of assets
Although different organizations have different expectations and different assets, yet, all have a basic requirement of digital management of assets. “Asset Infinity is a truly digital solution provider with a vision that if you count your assets you always show a profit,” states, Romy Chopra, Managing Director. Although a one stop shop for all asset management, yet, it is extremely configurable and can adapt to a lot of different use cases across industry verticals like Manufacturing and Distribution, Hotels, resorts and hospitality, Quick service restaurants (QSR), Fine dining,
banquets, Facility Management companies, Retail and FMCG, Banking and Insurance, and Travel transport and logistics.

It is a multi-tenant and multi-lingual product with only one version of the system. Therefore, all the customers get the benefit from new features as per the roadmap. Also, it is multi-currency which not only provides all the currencies in the system but also provides configuration for local taxation (GST/VAT), etc. Additionally, it has ready-made connectors for Single Sign-on (SSO) with Active Directory (AD), Azure AD, Google, SAML, etc. and the product is built on REST API and can be integrated with external ERPs or systems easily.

Asset Infinity is a truly digital solution provider with a vision that if you count your assets you always show a profit

Besides these features, Asset Infinity’s EAM also helps costs reduction by automating the supply chain to ensure optimal inventory of parts and materials. This avoids rush orders and seamlessly manages stocks of spares and consumables required for maintenance. The maintenance module is integrated with the inventory of spares. The requisite spares can be drawn from the inventory during maintenance activity, it reduces the stock of the spare in the inventory automatically.

Building Partners
With a strong team of developers, Quality Analysts, Business Analysts, Support and implementation, sales and marketing, Asset Infinity has acquired several Indian Fortune 100 brands as its customers from US, Europe, Middle East, Africa, ASIAPAC markets. Currently working with 10 partners in a different part of the world the company wishes to have more partners to promote and sell its product across the globe.